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Make a change | call an audible

The Audible Life is a weekly playbook for first-time entrepreneurs, or those who are thinking of taking the leap.  First off, we're excited for you!  We'll give you everything you need to know to get your business off the ground.  Things will constantly be changing, so get ready to call a lot of audibles.  We are fresh off our own first year in which we started from scratch, weathered A TON of storms, and are still alive to talk about it.  We'll share what we learned.  

80% of New Businesses Fail in the First Year

We'll talk about the new business myths we bought into, and some valuable secrets that were shared with us.  Topics will include things like Settling on a Business Name, Working with your Spouse, Which Accounting Software to Use, Navigating Permits and Licenses, Buying Capital Equipment, Marketing Outlets, Lifestyle, Building Your Outside Sales Skills, etc.  We'll lay out areas we found success and areas in which we failed (and sometimes continue to fail.. let's be honest!).  With The Audible Life, you'll will be better equipped to get your business up and running, and we're so excited to offer any tools we can.  Subscribe to our Newsletter for weekly notifications of new content, and discount codes for coffee!!  Press On!